What Do I Need for Food Photography?

What Do I Need for Food Photography?

Food photography is classified as a specific genre because it demands a photographer to be passionate about it followed by a deep understanding of the food products he is about to capture.

Food photography falls within still life photography which has always been used to capture attractive photographs of food.
We have always heard “You eat with your eyes first”. Whenever we get food on our table, we justify whether it is delicious or not just by the way it looks. Food consists of all the crucial elements that are needed to make a striking image. It can be in terms of color or it can be its texture, the pattern, and light you are using. Let’s take caviar for example, to take a great photo, you can make use of its natural color, great texture and beautiful patterns. But the sole ingredient or we can say the challenge is capturing the food image in such a way that it makes the viewers mouth water.

Below are some pieces of equipment that you need.

• DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera)
• Macro lens
• Tripod
• Reflectors
• Colour checkers

DSLR: Wide varieties of DSLR are available in the market. Either it can be Sony or Fuji or might be Pentax but Nikon and Canon are preferred as the best camera for food photography. So, you can choose DSLR amongst Nikon and Canon which is more handily for you.

Macro lens: followed by DSLR you need a macro lens for more effective, efficient and desired food photograph. These help you to focus closer and get much sharp and flat field which add on in the better clarity of your food photo.

Tripod: is one of the crucial food photography equipment because in this case, you have to build the photo from several test shots to the final one. You need to change the height of the camera for a variety of angles and shots in which tripod acts as an easy situation handler.

Reflectors: It is used to block distracting lights, reflect the light within the shadows, can be used as the main source of light. Basically, these are used to set the light within the food photography lighting. Sometimes studio lights are not efficient so to balance photo light it becomes necessary to use reflectors.

Colour checkers: It is used to white balance the photo to make it more enhanced.

Fast Tips to Improve Your Food Photography

• You must shoot with proper light because either it will bring the best picture out or will spoil it. All depends upon the proper lighting.
• Make sure whatever you are about to click is organized not only the food but also your tasks that you are about to do. Else it will result in a total mess.
• Use photography backdrops. These not only provide a medium to place the food but play the role of the background too. So, use proper backdrops suitable for your current prop.
• Try to convey a story using our food photos and add some mid-meal snaps within it.
• Take photos from multiple angles. It will help you to get a variety of photos totally different even being of the same food.

Let’s see what you must use
Best camera for food photography – Nikon DSLR and Canon DSLR
Lenses – compact fixed lenses, Nikon 50mm macro lenses, Nikon 60mm macro lenses
Other equipment- reflectors, diffusers, and tripods
Photography software – Adobe Lightroom

Forgetting insight knowledge of food photography you don’t have to join photography courses. You can learn about these from various photography websites. Moreover, there are few website links that may help you to elevate your knowledge and get relevant skills.